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About Us

PT. BAROKAH KARUNIA UTAMA (“BKU”), our company is highly dedicated in participating continuous and integrated national development which encouraged both by Indonesian Government and its private sectors, by prioritizing customer satisfaction and focusing in people and technology development to optimize its competitive advantage.

As a commitment to prioritizing service quality, BKU has been certified:

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System


To be multi business company which ahead in quality, precise in time, optimizing deliverables and trusted in national development framework


  • Bringin the best service to the customer
  • Good governance to enhance growth through people development
  • Support and grow together with customer in national development framework

Why BKU?


BKU determined to provide service of excellence in it solutions, by focusing solely on embracing our client's networking, application and technology needs. Helping organizations across all industry to achieve their business goals and objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology systems.


BKU relish the opportunity to implement ambitious projects in challenging environments. We fervently believe that, by providing technologically advanced facilities which conform to stringent standards of efficiency and security, we can make a significant contribution to stabilization and development.


BKU on its best endeavor always strive to develop and implement something that bring benefit to the general population in sustainable manner where it useful and utilized for as long as it runs respectively in client environment.


Professional services

  • PMO & project management consulting & services
  • System Integration
  • IT infrastructure assessment and capacity planning
  • Database management
  • Application programming

Manage Services

  • Provision of IT Managed Services
  • IT Consultation
  • Project Management Office (PMO)

BKU is a dynamic, innovative service provider with a commitment to supporting our business partners in every aspect of their it operations, both today and in the future. Our clients can be sure that our guidance is sound, and that our processing technology is fast, efficient, secure and reliable. Offers a comprehensive and highly flexible service package that can be tailored precisely to their needs.

The solutions provided are designed to make client’s infrastructure operate more efficiently and securely. From audit to implementation the goal is to make doing their job easier and dramatically increase the performance of client organization's network.

The general services included to the planning, implementation, maintenance and management of it services as well as the provision of integrated services related to it infrastructure, enterprise software along with interoperability, security, applications and data management such as :

Our Capabilities

Connectivity, Integration and Data Processing

When data transactions grow and enlarge, the amount of data produced will automatically continue to grow. The growth of IT-based information makes data exchange an important thing, especially between institutions and/or agencies.

In addition to realizing a proper, fast and accurate bureaucratic service efforts towards clean, transparent and professional government. In its implementation, BKU also carries out interconnection implementation work between institutions and also data processing.

Virtualization and Cloud

Based on our experience in integrating and interconnecting systems, BKU could accommodate the development of Virtualization and Cloud technology engineering, where agencies or corporations could implement the services designed to meet standards reliability, availability, scalability and high performance for a wide range of workloads.

Comparing with the conventional IT platforms that are assembled from different components and sourced from multiple vendors, Virtualization and Cloud technologies could be leveraged to enhance applications and services without hardware considerations, reducing costs throughout the application lifecycle from initial setup to ongoing maintenance.

BKU performs optimization and performance improvement of device components from the product portfolio best standard technology to generate Virtualization platform or Private Cloud On- Premises such as Server and Network Virtualization, and we make adjustments to existing conditions in adopting Public and Hybrid Cloud services

API Gateway and Data Management

BKU is also involved in the Development of API Gateway-based application which is used for internal and external applications within an agency.

This application is used to support daily operations and as monitoring of applications in the work unit (satuan kerja), that include application of virtualization and cloud-based technology.

BKU's project includes building an API Platform, building a data processing and management environment, integrating with internal services and external services, and presenting information into dashboards to support operations and analysis.

Web Application Development

BKU handle information system maintenance job on web applications including but not limited to adding features tailored to customer needs to help smooth integrated business processes.

Helpdesk Support

A helpdesk support service that is able to handle complaints in the operation problem of the application system, supported by adequate-quality human resources, both in terms of technical and operational services. This support is not limited to guidance through telephone communication media, video calls and video conferences, so that customers are able to get adequate support when finding and overcoming obstacles they face.

Application System Maintenance Service

The scope of BKU Application System Maintenance services includes but is not limited to Portal, SSO, Application Platform and Middleware. Application System is a User Interface for interaction services between service providers and service users, thus BKU is fully aware on the importance of maintaining the continuity of an Application System. Maintenance is carried out by applying a combination of several methods in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as Waterfall, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile, but still taking into account the input and needs of users or stakeholders


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